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A word from our Managing Director - Mahomed Soobader

This year, as we celebrate 15 years of working with many clients and industry partners, we reaffirm our three deepest values —INTELLIGENCE, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION— which each of our employees live by and practice every day as we serve you, our valued customers, clients, and industry partners. Your support has been invaluable throughout our journey.

Looking back, 2021 was a pivotal year for NNAQS in so many ways. Over the course of 2021, momentum in our business continued to build and we closed out the year with a very high expectation for 2022. Highlighted in our 5-year strategy to achieve the growth (both revenue and people) is a key factor of leadership. Leadership is a critical component of the growth process and over the next couple of years, we set our sights on building a senior leadership team that is exceptionally skilled, highly adaptable to change and eager to take NNAQS to its next level of growth and value creation. We are committed to sound corporate governance and our Board reflects deep industry knowledge and diverse business expertise, experience, and inclusion. Our human capital is our most important resource, and we are committed to respecting and promoting the principles of positive social and environmental impact to produce innovation, job creation, career development, equity, inclusion and diversity.

As I look to the future for NNAQS, I see that our market potential is enormous, our customized solutions are value creators and our customer relationships have never been stronger.

Thank you for your invaluable leadership Mahomed. We look forward to 15 more years of immense prosperity under your direction.

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