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Keeping in touch by Nonku Ntshona

Lockdown is something I believe most of us did not anticipate going beyond 21 days and so you conditioned yourself that you will be away from family, friends, colleagues etc.

However, I had an understanding with my family that we would try speaking daily by group WhatsApp or at least twice

a week. This is what we have been doing and it feels as though we have been in each other’s spaces. It has not been easy for my parents though as they are on their own in Durban and my siblings and I all live in Johannesburg. So, I have been making a lot of effort to keep them informed of what we are doing etc.

I have also kept in touch with my friends via WhatsApp or call some of them. We also had a zoom bar call one of the Saturdays. I have been in touch with my MBA class as we still have classes online and have assignments, we are completing with some of the class members. To keep engage with everyone in class we have kept our Saturday’s afternoons dedicated for a Zoom Bar call. We have also started webinars weekly on topics that are relevant for all from the Covid 19 pandemic.

Because we have been working online and have not stopped, we have been engaging with clients via Zoom and Teams sessions for project or planning meetings. With all the effort to keep in touch with people that matter and stakeholders, it has not been easy at all as moving from one zoom meetings to the other daily can very exhausting and you just want to take care of yourself mentally.

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