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Overcoming unsettling times by Veena Paul

This has been a very unsettling time for me, we are experiencing something that is impacting on our lives and livelihoods as never before, our world as we knew it is no longer, our future is uncertain, isolation and social distancing have become the norm.

Coronavirus has literally taken the world by storm, wreaking havoc wherever it lands, an invisible enemy that has

invaded the world leaving in its path death and destruction, job losses, crashing economies. Just thinking about all of this is enough to make anyone go crazy if you let it.

Knowing that what is happening is beyond our control is quite daunting so for me taking control of what is within my capacity is helping me cope mentally, little things such as establishing a routine and sticking to it, practising lots of self-care always making sure that I get up, dress up and show up as if I am going in to the office, even though I am working from home I always ensure that I am well-groomed every day. I also ensure that I get at least an hour of fresh air and sunshine each day, playing outside with my fur babies is a definite boost to my spirits.

I stay positive and motivated each day by counting my blessings, despite what is going on I still have so much to be thankful and grateful for, I have my family, I have a job, I have a roof over my head, I have food on my table each day, there is love and laughter in my home – these are the things that under normal circumstances we take for granted but under these circumstances these are things that millions of people don’t have anymore.

I focus on all the good that I have in this time – it keeps me motivated . I am positive that this too shall pass, life may never be the same again but perhaps we all needed for the world to come to a standstill so that we all can move forward into the future as better versions of ourselves .

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