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Remote learning by Brenda Ajusi

Changes brought about by the current global crisis have propagated growth through innovation and the use of technology, as well as remote learning and self-development on both a personal and professional level. This has rung true on multi-tiered levels in my life.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – Winston Churchill

As the lockdown took hold of the country and the dust started to settle and we adjusted to our new found reality, I realized that this would be an opportune moment to focus on my own person development and to re-align my goals to ensure that I would reap as much benefit from the current situation as possible. This meant tackling:

1. Learning and educational development:

This has always been a priority to me. I believe that there is a lot to learn about people, the industry, and the world as a whole. Fortunately I have been able to attend webinars about the future of the industry, including; panel discussions about the reconditioning of existing real estate stock to better suite future demands, as well as other topics of interest like the future of Prop Tech across African markets.

Additionally, I recently chose to embark on my Masters degree in Property Development. Although this was started before the pandemic, it has been a good time to focus on my research topic and refine it to suite the changing times. The research has forced me to keep on reading, learning and further developing my contributions to ensure that it remains relevant post lockdown.

2. Self-development:

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, “Cognitive Needs” is known as “the desire for knowledge and understanding. The need for meaning and predictability”. This speaks to the need to gain a better understanding of world and self. On a personal level, the lockdown has been a welcomed change, to spend time at home without the usual distractions of chores and life, and to dedicate time to self-introspection and personal improvement.

The current global pandemic has indeed increased uncertainty and doubt for all. However, I have increasingly come to accept that there is no growth in your comfort zone and where there is crisis, there lies opportunity.

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