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NNAQS has the ability to meet a broad scope of project requirements and is therefore able to deliver a spectrum of Quantity Surveying services to its clients. NNAQS understands the need for clients to be assured of value for money on any project, not only with regard to the capital cost but also in respect of the running and maintenance costs thereof. Cost planning enables informed decisions to be taken on various design alternatives with actual costs able to be predicted and monitored against original budgets. NNAQS offer our clients the following range of Quantity Surveying Services:

Cost Planning and Cost Advice

  • Project execution plans

  • Cost Estimating

  • Financial Feasibility Studies

  • Cost Controlling and reporting during pre-contract period

  • Risk Contingency Management

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Value Engineering

Advice on Contracts and Procurement

  • Competitive/Negotiated tendering

  • Measured /Lump Sump Contracts

  • Fast Track Contracts

  • Management Contracts

  • Construction Management

  • Procurement advisory role

Contract Documentation, Tendering and Contractual Arrangements

  • Conditions of Contract

  • Affirmative Procurement / Empowerment Strategies

  • Bills of Quantities / Schedule of Rates, etc

  • Tender Adjudication and Reporting

  • Pre tender estimates

Cost Control / Contract Administration

  • Calculate cost fluctuation and escalation

  • Monthly payment valuation

  • Monthly cost reporting (current & forecast)

  • Measure and approve extras and variations

  • Contract cost control

  • Cost completion cost analysis

  • Advice on claims and disputes

  • Prepare and negotiate final accounts

  • Final account cost analysis

  • "Lessons Learnt" Workshop with the client & consultant

In addition to the above mentioned Quantity Surveying Services, NNAQS also offers the following specialised range of services:

Specialised Services

  • Project Co-Ordination

  • Project management

  • Insurance valuations

  • Life cycle costing

  • Value engineering

  • Expert witness

  • Arbitration

  • Auditing construction projects

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