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Adapting to the 'new normal' by Otto van Zwietring

At the beginning of the lockdown it became clear to me that I have to adapt to the new “normal” and quickly.

I believe myself to be a humble person and I am satisfied when things are working, so don’t scratch where it is not itching and don’t repair it if it’s not broken.

All of a sudden, I had to become used to working from home and accessing the mail and office server remotely, getting used to Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings to name but a few. To enhance my self-development skills I got invited to join online Webinars, where professionals in the built environment would choose relevant topics in our industry and discuss them with a panel of experts in their field.

Another form of self-development in order to gain CPD points was to do the online tutorials as posted on the ASAQS’s website. After studying the content of subject a 20 mark test had to be written and in order to pass and earn your CPD points a pass rate of 60% had to be achieved.

Lastly, through social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook, a lot of reading material was available to stay informed of developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has influenced the construction industry.

Furthermore, by following companies on LinkedIn and Facebook it became clear how our opposition and fellow professionals are handling the current lockdown situation with specific reference to the continuity of work and gearing up for the way forward.

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