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If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be? by Noluntu Nzwana

On a personal level, I would not change anything about myself. I believe that every person on this earth is a unique creation of God. One needs to discover the strengths and talents within so that you can be the best version of yourself. When we change ourselves, there are parts of us that are in line with our true purpose and need to be there so that they teach us in order for us to be able to take that experience and assist someone in a similar situation one day. By being me, I have experiences that differ from the person standing next to me and I continue to take lessons and experiences from the people that I connect with in life regardless of whether they are negative or positive.

My professional path is linked to who I am and the only regret that I have is not getting my professional registration earlier in my career but then again it has helped me to acquire skills and experience without taking it for granted. It has assisted me to learn with vigour and understand my strengths and being able to teach other people and be the proud and passionate Quantity Surveyor that I am today.

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