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Coping ... by Nomsa Mntungwa

This pandemic issue has really affected me emotionally and mentally. Who knew we would be in this situation last year celebrating the coming year looking forward to the future then all of a sudden we indoors practicing social distance and fear of the unknown.

As the mental health implications of COVID-19 will impact everyone differently, I can only speak from personal experience. Constant updates about coronavirus, especially those concerning confirmed cases and the number of deaths to date, can be extremely overwhelming and feel relentless. Moreover, rumours and speculation can

add fuel to anxiety, finding a balance between digesting important updates on COVID-19 while reducing information that can cause depression is fundamental.

Working remotely was a bit of a challenge for me whilst juggling motherhood getting used to the routine as support staff was a big change knowing most part of my job requires me to be in the office physical which meant taking on accountability to be my own manager. My goals and achievements are currently parked. Our industry has been greatly affected with most projects being put on hold and future wise one wonders when it all will be what we knew before.

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