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Every dark cloud has a silver lining ... by Otto van Zwietring

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and the same is applicable for this global disaster. This pandemic has erupted each and every one of our lives in a very short time whether this be good or bad.

On a personal note, I learnt to appreciate the small things in life that we took for granted before the pandemic hit us. All of a sudden we are locked down for the initial 3 weeks, then a further 2 weeks only then to find out about the different levels of phases implemented by Government. What did I take for granted? Taking a social walk with my family in our suburb, having a braai with friends and family, going to town without protective gear (face masks, gloves etc.), visiting my elderly parents in another province, going to the shops to buy only essentials and getting used to the idea that non-essential shops are closed.

For me the good that is emerging from this disaster is to appreciate the togetherness of your close family and friends. Spending more time with your spouse and kids at home and getting through this new situation together. Furthermore having more time to spend at home thus reducing traveling time and saving money on travel expenses and maintenance cost on your vehicles has been a welcomed change.

Regarding the impact this pandemic has on business in general, the good emerging from this is that the world is much smaller than we think. All of a sudden it is possible to communicate and attend meetings via all the different media platforms. Although I experienced a lot of frustration initially it became the norm and I can safely say I am now getting used to it. Maybe a small drop in the ocean is the reduction levels in air pollution and the lower demand in electricity as global industries shut down due to lockdown.

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