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Finding true inner peace by Veena Paul

We all at some point and time in our life look back, reflect and wonder if we have made the right decisions in our lives. Could we have done things differently? Why didn’t we do things differently? How could we have been so stupid? How could we have been so short-sighted? I am sure these questions have gone through your mind at some point in time. It’s perfectly normal to self-analyse and self-criticise as this is what urges us to become better, do better and want better.

I have given this a lot of thought and guess what, I have reached a conclusion that I would not change one single thing, yes that’s right, not one single thing. Life has not been a bed of roses, trust me I have been thrown amongst the thorns many a time. I have wrestled with myself, questioning my sanity, questioning my decisions, questioning life in general, but despite it all I am at a point where I have true inner peace and that for me is priceless.

I have a life filled with love, laughter and joy. I have two awesome sons and a gorgeous granddaughter, (see pic below). When I look at her I know I made the right choices to get to this point and the world is a much better place because of her. I also receive joy from many 4 legged fury babies and I will not trade any of it for anything else. We all feel dissatisfied at some stage of our lives but in the end what really matters is the things that money cannot buy, such as the love of and from family, real friendships and a happy home, for everything else there’s MasterCard ... LOL.

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