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How Nonku has inspired me

by Fortune Topotsa

In this article we hear directly from Fortune Topotsa, as she tells us about Nonku and how she admires her and draws inspiration from her.

Fortune is the Personal Assistant of Nonku, and has been integral in her success by supporting her and assisting her in her position as CEO of NNAQS.

“ Thank you for this honour to be able to share a bit about working with Nonku.

I can start by saying that when I first met Nonku, my impression of her was one of a focused woman, a go getter and it was clear she is strong willed. I really admire her level of education especially in a world where women are seen as less educated. Nonku, to me, has pushed the boundaries and I believe her parents were a major part in her achieving that as she adores them a lot.

Nonku holds a Global Executive MBA amongst other accolades, a celebrated leader both in South Africa and abroad.

She is a hard worker and is always pushing me to do better, not afraid to tell you if you have made a mistake and is always ready to help.

And so it has been and still is an honour to be associated with a woman of her calibre”.

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