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How the pandemic has changed my perspective of life and business in general by Noluntu Nzwana

What good can I foresee or can currently see that will emerge / is emerging from this global disaster and how has it changed my perspective of life and business in general?

Business perspective:

The Covid-19 lockdown has some positive impact in a workplace or business environment. It has opened opportunities for businesses to adapt and learn new technologies. For instance, conducting meetings via different apps, one would have to think hard and think about all the disbursement costs usually spent on a project for meetings that could have been conducted online.

Also, I see businesses reviewing their daily operations and coming up with innovative ways to stimulate growth. The nature of the business in general is going to evolve as innovative thinking as well as adapting to the unfamiliar approaches.

In the construction industry, the role of the quantity surveyor is going to be very critical as they will become the game changers after the Covid-19 lockdown as some of the government departments have been recognised to assist in the post Covid-19 economic growth in terms of infrastructure development. These projects will require rapid rollouts and professionals who are sharp-witted. In summary, not everything is doom and gloom, let us put on those microscopic eyes and surf through the information.

Family / Life perspective:

It has been an interesting time for me in general as I am a person with too many different roles or gifts. I have found out that I have ignored some aspects of myself & just carried on in a routinely manner. Finding oneself and having introspection with one’s inner self has been one of the benefits of the Covid-19 lockdown.

I have found myself nurturing my talents and other gifts that I possess. It has also been a love-hate feeling to be around my son 24/7, I have now joined the club of mothers that are being followed around all the time, now I finally understand how it feels like to have a tail😊. It has been a beautiful time to reflect and connect with some people that I had lost contact with in the past. I have also been using my other gift to assist people during the pandemic. Wow, what a year 2020, 20 plenty!!

Stay safe and stay home!

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