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Is SA taking sufficient steps in fighting the pandemic? by Otto von Zwietring

If I were to play President for a day this is what i'd do differently and why?

I think that some of the rules that were set in place in an attempt to flatten the curve are valid, but not sufficient if we as a whole do not adhere to the rules. So in short, no, we as a country are not doing enough to flatten the curve, hence South Africa is 5th highest in the world with regards to active Covid-19 cases.

But, there are two sides to a coin. I feel that we as citizens are purposely being kept in the dark and that the people of South Africa are fed up with this, thus the reason for rebellious behaviour and not adhering to the rules, although a lot of us are still committed to flattenning the curve.

If I was the president for one day, I would try to listen to the public and keep the public informed of decisions that are being made by Government. I know you cannot please everyone, but the people of South Africa are hungry, and more and more sectors of the economy need to be opened as a matter of urgency. Three to four months without income is no joke for any household and with no foreseeable outcome this is not viable. I would also open the hospitality and leisure sectors which provides much needed employment opportunities as well as allow travelling between provinces.

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