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Is SA taking sufficient steps in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic? by Noluntu Nzwana

Looking at the statistics, South Africa has a high rate of daily confirmed cases and the curve is not consistent, seeing a rise and fall on our graph. The government has tried and tested different interventions to curb the curve but there are other factors that must be considered when flattening the curve.

The flattening does not necessarily mean that there are not going to be any confirmed cases but rather reduce the number of confirmed cases daily to be constant. This should give relief to our health care sector so that other patients with chronic diseases can be assisted as well.

There have been preventative regulations in place but there are no strategic policy implementations within the government municipalities, for instance it has now been decided that learners should return to school and this is not going to help. This is due to government not being able to come up with resources for public schools to operate remotely and funds being used in corrupt platforms. There is also the projects that government has come up with but has the government taken into account the tendering or procurement procedures involved and how these are publicly conducted.

In my opinion, the government needs to review all the public policies and regulations that are currently in place and update them to adhere to the current pandemic situation. Currently, there has been preventative measures and economic or infrastructure policy reviews but without considering the processes involved in these policies.

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