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The Lockdown Diaries by Noluntu Nzwana

We all know that this lockdown can be challenging for one, especially when one has bored 5 year old's running wild around the house including finding creative ways to keep them entertained.

Some days are better than others, one has to keep a positive attitude and dig in deeper to find ways to keep one motivated. I have always been a sponge for knowledge, I have been searching the internet, looking into various topics and quenching my thirst for skill and knowledge.

This time has also given me time to study my SACQSP modules, though I am not even sure if I would still be writing the exams on the same dates this year.

The productivity level of my work is still the same although it becomes a challenge when it comes to information flow as all the consultants are on lockdown. I get to find some quiet time at night and snuggle up with my laptop as a way of getting time to concentrate on some of the work that I could not concentrate on during the day. Some of the goals that I have set for myself have not been accomplished as these would require some tools or resources that are not accessible during this lockdown.

The construction industry is going to be affected by this pandemic as construction sites have been closed and projects put on hold due to the lockdown. These measures come at a cost to our clients as contracts need to be reviewed as well as reviewing of designs that have already been signed off at pre-contract stages of some projects. This will be due to the material supply and fluctuations in price which means the consulting team will be left with the responsibility of working at risk and performing repetitive work for the same fees.

I foresee slow progress on construction sites after the lockdown as these sites are a high risk factor of contracting this virus due to the number of labourers required on one site and the activities that need to take place at once. The Health and Safety regulations of construction sites need to be reviewed together with project managers reviewing the current activity schedules implemented by the contractors. This means that there is a lot of underground work that our industry need to have a look at post lockdown.

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