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Maintaining a positive mind during lockdown by Nonku Ntshona

During this lockdown, it has been very difficult to keep sane. I downloaded a meditation app by Oprah Winfrey which is a 21-day meditation and I was meant to start with it from day 1 of the lockdown.

Unfortunately, because I find it very difficult to keep still and just hear myself, I have been going to this meditation every now and again when I feel I can’t breathe, and I must just let go. I feel my energies are elevated if I do it in the morning and when I use it before bedtime, I get to be calm and I can sleep very well.

I also started exercising daily from week 3 into the lock down. I started watching videos that people were posting on social media and decided to also record my very first session and decided to do this at least once a week, just so I can also keep myself honest and continuously motivated through the lockdown journey. This has really helped me; my sleep patterns are back to normal and I can also focus on a daily routine.

I had also planned to start reading a book as I had been studying and had not read a book socially, it has just been school reading. This I did not manage to get right; I think I’m still very exhausted from the school reading, so this is something I still need to work on. I have also been keeping in touch with my family, friends via WhatsApp calls as well as Zoom calls.

In my MBA class, we meet every Saturday afternoon for a Zoom bar to keep in tough and share what we are all experiencing in various parts of the world. This has helped me a lot as I realise that whatever I might be going through emotionally, someone else has had the same struggles and we can share and makes it a lot easier to deal with.

My advice is that we all must stay home and be safe and very important to keep active for a healthy mind and a positive and focused mind!

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