Maintaining connections during a global pandemic by Noluntu Nzwana

Staying connected on a professional level:

Microsoft teams has been very helpful and allowing me to be able to attend meetings, replacing the physical meetings with the video calls and audio calls. This has been helpful in both my company. I have kept the email communication with most of my project stakeholders as in this way I can keep track of the shared information. I have also discovered of staying in touch with some stakeholders and client representatives through social media and personal telephone calls. I have also found leverage on the power of Whatsapp and LinkedIn as I have found out that more people are always available online during lockdown. The type of communication that I use is also dependant on the specific individual as some people tend to prefer text-based communication over any other, while some still prefer a more personal phone call, besides during this time people are longing for human interaction.

Staying connected on a personal level:

Whataspp, Facebook and telephone calls have been my go-to ways of communication to get hold of friends and family members. Whataspp video calls and sharing lockdown jokes and updates via different social media platforms has been

very helpful. Tik Tok has also managed to keep the humour alive between my friends and I. Family group video chats are one of the special moments.


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