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Meet Veena Paul

90% of the time I am that person who always sees the glass half full instead of half empty,, the light at the end of a tunnel instead of the tunnel, the rainbow after a storm and not the storm, the other 10% is being a realist which sometimes may be misconstrued as being negative.

I have strong opinions and have always been a “champion of the underdog" which has not always worked in my favour and my sons ’famous' words to me are “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” -- this does not deter me from always reaching out and striving to do good whenever and wherever possible.

Business Development is about building relationships for which I have a passion and I enjoy what I do. My duties include reaching out to clients, maintaining relationships with people meaningful to our business, overseeing and assisting the tender administration side of our business as well as working with our entire team to forge new relationships and maintain existing relationships. I am also involved with PR, Marketing and Social Media all of which I enjoy immensely.

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