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Mental Health Matters by Brenda Ajusi

As somebody who tends to thrive off being in a dynamic but somewhat predictable environment, Covid-19 has disturbed my sanctuary of peace.

Being able to exercise a certain level of control in at least my immediate environment has been a pillar of support throughout most tasks that I have had to face, but this period of global uncertainty has stirred about mixed feelings of stress, anxiety and self-analysis.

It quickly became apparent that I needed to go back to basics to remain positive and motivated. In doing this I merged techniques from my current daily comforts and what psychologists would refer to as “the Inner Child” which refers to our suppressed childhood emotions, childlike innocence, natural enthusiasm and creativity. I have dedicated periods during the day to clear my mind and carry out tasks to nurture and re-embody certain hobbies. These hobbies include taking time out to turn away from screens and artificial lighting to read, tend to my plants, play piano, cook, do some yoga and meditate. Above all, one of the most important tasks is to keep in touch with friends and family every single day.

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