My goals at making an impact in the South African business arena by Nonku Ntshona

In January 2019, I embarked on a Global Executive MBA which I started with a view to make an impact in the South African business arena particularly in the Property/Construction Industry.

Since I started my studies because it has been full time but still worked, I have been able to implement a lot of the learnings such as an Operations Workflow chart where we look at each person input and output in particularly costs vs income generated by each employee and tasks.

When 2020 started, I also had In Company project which is part of the MBA- equivalent to a thesis for other MBA’s, so I have been spending a lot of time doing this project. We are looking at a housing development in Nigeria- Kaduna and our ICP team has been doing the marketing plan for the development company. The skills as well as IP I’ve gained from this project will be very useful for NNAQS. NNAQS currently does not have a formal or comprehensive marketing plan and this we can use as a start to develop our own.

I have also been attending Harvard’s business school’s webinars on the various topics of the impact Covid- 19 has had in Africa. I’ve learnt a lot from these webinars and some of the information gained has come handy for the solidarity funds and how to make the applications for SME’s. So, I have used this info to my advantage. I have also been keeping informed by WPO’s organised webinars to offer support to women owned businesses. It has been vital that I keep myself busy through online learning as well as keeping in touch with other fellow industry colleagues.


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