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One of the most interesting things I have learnt whilst working remotely by Nontuthuko Mokoena

One of the most interesting things I have learned is doing work remotely. Having successful remote meetings while using online mediums available.

Working from home can make one quite productive as it takes away the formality of waking up and preparing yourself for work. You can just sit at your desk immediately and start being productive without having to look

formal for work.

I am a person who likes working at night as it is more silent, and everyone is sleeping. So working from home has helped with the skill of working around people as my 3-year-old is always around. I have learnt to work around him and his background noise and do not get distracted. Right now, he is playing with his motorbike which used irritate me in the past as it is quite noisy, but I have learnt to block the noise.

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