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Reading for the mind by Veena Paul

For many of us in lockdown and working from home, it feels as if we have become prisoners in our own homes, yes we understand the necessity of staying home, social distancing and all of the restrictions that have been imposed on us – understanding why we have to do what we are doing and coming to terms as to how do we do this day in and day out without losing our minds is an entirely different matter.

I have thus been reading a lot of material by professionals who are experts in the fields of psychology, mental experts and the human mind to develop my skills at coping with our current situation. This has really helped me to overcome my anxiety and maintain my focus but mostly to maintain control over my thoughts and emotions so that it does not overwhelm me.

I have also been doing some very extensive reading on the construction industry as part of market research and this has helped me understand the impact this pandemic is having not only in our country but globally, it is a small comfort I suppose knowing that we are not alone.

Apart from the avid reading I have been doing as part of my self-development, I have also been doing some online learning in marketing and social media so as to enhance my skills in this area. Webinars, Zoom conferences and other online conferences have formed a part of my online learning in terms of learning how establishments, businesses and organisations will adapt to the new normal and survive our current crisis.

More than anything I may have learnt academically over this time, I have learnt that being selfless, compassionate, generous and kind to people less fortunate than I am even in this crisis is what defines me.

“Because that’s what kindness is. It’s not doing something for someone else because they can’t, but because you can.” Andrew Iskander
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