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Social media dependencies by Brenda Ajusi

Over the past two decades there has been a massive influx in social media options as a means to keep people in contact with one another.

The increased popularity of the internet brought about the use of emails and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This soon spilled over into the professional realm with the introduction and development of LinkedIn for business related engagements.

The lockdown period has highlighted that although social media is an effective means of communication, the absence of face to face contact emphasises a lack of personal touch and warmth. Therefore, in order to stay connected with stakeholders on a professional level, I opt to call where possible to avoid the formalities associated with an email and to avoid video teleconference as well, to allow my client or colleague the grace to touch base from the comfort of their pyjamas.

What I have found is that the over-arching factor lies in having the social maturity to recognise that the current circumstances are affecting all people on a personal level, and then developing an effective communication strategy to ensure that an adequate level of engagement is maintained.

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