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Staying connected by Khanyisa Mabala

I have been very grateful enough to be working with clients that reach out to me too. To maintain contact, I engage daily with clients and team colleagues to ascertain how they’re doing, what they’re doing, what their companies are doing and further ascertaining how I can help in any regard.

It has been important with clients to keep contact so as to glean where we can fit in and provide services.

With regards to colleagues and company management, I am in constant contact with my operations manager-Heinrich (I am pretty sure he is over my daily phone calls now LOL!) although, minor or major, calling him manages to keep my head above water and is a constant reminder to push in my work and to maintain good productivity levels. I miss my colleagues a great deal, we are like family in the office and going from spending most of my time with them to not at all has taken a bit of an adjustment.

Nonetheless, we have group calls and that has been something I really enjoy doing. Keeping up with them motivates me. With regard to family, I am currently living with them and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We take turns leading daily devotions to turns in the kitchen. It is a team effort keeping the house tidy but to be surrounded by warmth is all is I can ask for. We have each and everyone’s time tables and creating a home working environment has become effortless. Especially with a mother like mine I sometimes feel like I am in high school again and I love the encouragement.

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