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Steps to staying virtually connected on a professional & personal level by Otto van Zwietring

Steps to stay connected with CEO, clients and stakeholders on a professional level:

Teams and Zoom were applications used to stay connected with clients and stakeholders as well as with colleagues for the run of the mill meetings etc. Besides the before mentioned applications, email and server access was set up so that working from home was possible to ensure the continuity of work.

Furthermore to the above, regular telephone calls and WhatsApp messages also made it possible to communicate. The company WhatsApp group is also a good platform to communicate to ensure that all employees are on the same hymn sheet.

Ditto, to stay connected with friends and family on a personal level:

On a more personal level the family/friends WhatsApp groups was a platform where we kept in touch with family/friends conversations as well as enjoying the jokes and video clips doing the rounds on social media. Video calling was an added benefit even tough not being used regularly.

To stay connected with our parents and the elderly not being so familiar with new technology and social media, phone calls had to do the trick as we normally do.

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