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The Personal Olympics by Brenda Ajusi

The theme for this weeks’ post requires a certain level of introspection that we often try to run away

from. It is what I refer to as the “Personal Olympics” where although one finds themselves in a state of

transition; grappling with reconciling past goals with the present whilst trying to prepare themselves

for the future.

“The unsuccessful person is burdened by learning, and prefers to walk down familiar paths. Their distaste for learning stunts their growth and limits their influence” – John C. Maxwell

On the 23 rd of March as if gearing up to participate in a boxing championship, the first few rounds brought about the challenge of discipline: This was tested in all spheres! After a few miss-steps in the ring (a few too many shows on Netflix, in-house Master Chef challenges and hours spent re-organising my wardrobes), I came to realise that; ridding my immediate environment of distractions, set working hours and having a semi-flexible routine, where imperative to overcome this stage of growth. By setting up a daily to-do list and having the discipline to hold myself accountable to achieve those goals was the single best step taken to complete the first round.

The second round brought about the challenge of re-alignment: this required reflection. It was the round where it felt as if I had entered a metamorphic ring. The world, country and industry as we know it is under pressure to develop and grow in order to remain relevant in the up-coming times.

Quantity Surveying is a distinguished profession which will always be a necessity, however the manner in which the services are carried out are on the precipice of change. With advances in technology; new integrated software, advances in drone capabilities, 3D printing etc. there are new opportunities to upskill and diversify ones portfolio to not only keep abreast of the dynamic environment, but to perhaps be a custodian of change.

I would not expect these changes to affect immediately but rather gradually, by starting off with moving away from the traditional means of working and streamlining tasks to focus on efficiency in an outcomes-based environment. The lockdown period has made clear the importance that many tasks, which had traditionally been accepted to be the norm, affected productivity, effective time management overall efficiency on both a personal and business level.

Therefore, I believe that the industry as a whole is gearing for a positive bout of change brought about by the national shutdown which will ready all stakeholders for the third round: growth.

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