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We are all in this together ... by Otto van Zwieetring

The rapid spreading of the virus together with the rising death toll figures worldwide are definitely adding to one’s stress levels.

Together with the before mentioned factors things like the wellbeing of family members, the uncertainty of the future, the re-opening of schools and home-schooling of children, the strict measurements that the Government has put in place to restrict social movement are all added factors influencing your mental health.

To care of your mental health I feel it is important to familiarise yourself with facts regarding the above, but avoid listening or watching TV news channels the whole day and be aware of fake news doing the rounds on social media. Try to keep your mind busy by either working from home where possible, otherwise keep yourself occupied by doing things in and around your house or spending valuable time with your children. Maybe invest time and start learning a new hobby or so or do things you always wanted to do but never had the time.

Furthermore, also try to leave your house every now and then, even if it is just to go to the shops to buy essential goods.

Remember, it is not just me and you in this situation, but everybody worldwide! So we all are in this together and it is a first time for all of us. To be honest, this is a depressing time but together with the negativity there is definitely some positivity as well.

To stay positive during this time we tried to act as normal as possible, keep to our new adopted routine and stick to the rules of the house. At the end of the workday myself and my son played some “driveway” tennis and this was a good way to clear my mind and just switch off for half an hour or so.

At the end of the day there was a beautiful sunset to admire together with a new hope for every day. Lastly but most importantly, take time to pray to God, because this is where real hope and positivity comes from in these uncertain times.

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